Philosophy Of IIPM

IIPM Philosophy

The IIPM programme wasconceptualized in 1973 keeping in mind the unfortunate fact that education inIndia till then had still remained primarily oriented towards the needs of theprivate sector and had overlooked the specific requirements of the publicsector. We had even failed to do justice to the private sector in as much as wehad not succeeded in impressing upon the students the basic framework withinwhich the private sector had to operate in our country. The scope and role ofthe private sector in our country, in the context of national economicplanning, was quite distinct from that of the private sector in the free marketeconomies originally developed through colonial exploitation.


Problems of development of the private and the public sectors were, therefore,needed to be studied and analyzed carefully in the background of nationaleconomic planning. Otherwise, we would not be able to translate the laudablegoals of plans into physical realities, however sophisticated the planningmodels may be.

The IIPM had thus set before it the twin tasks: toreorient education and research towards the needs of both the sectors and toestablish the link between the national economic planning and the developmentof private enterprises in our country.

IIPM further believes that sustainable growthcan only be achieved in the Indian economy when growth strategies cater to thebottom 80% of the population and not just the top 20%. The time has come forIndia to lead the way in the world and the Indian managers need to develop astrong vision for their companies and help them compete in the world marketswhile accelerating market growth to make India economically the strongestcountry in the world. This is the breed of future leaders and managers that IIPM wants to create, those who are aware of the challengesand do not remain intellectually handicapped.

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