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Student Loans For Nurses

Nurses are in high demand right now, which is good news for students who are interested in becoming a nurse. It is easy to find attractive student loans that have your nursing career goals and education in mind. With the correct information, you can put together a loan package that includes very low interest rate [...]

Young Adults Can Get a Student Loan Even With Bad Credit

Hopes of seeking a higher education should never be extinguished due to no credit or bad credit. While finding a student loan with decent interest rates is made simpler by having a good credit history, getting a student loan for those with bad credit is certainly plausible for most seeking a higher education. Of course, [...]

Interest Free Student Loans: Is There Such An Option?

Millions of people every year have to take out private or federal (or both types) student loans each year to cover the tuition costs, course materials, and day to day living expenses associated with going to college. If you are due to be going away to college yourself in the near future, and the amount [...]

5 Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

Federal student loans always have to be paid back. The loan program requires repayment after graduation or six months after the borrower is no longer attending college. These loans have varying repayment options, including deferring payments if the borrower is unemployed or underemployed. Student loan forgiveness offers a few options to the borrower to give [...]

What Is Student Loan Counseling?

Student loan counseling is required for every borrower. Financial aid is often required for students to be able to attend college. Many parents and students are finding that with rising tuition costs, it is difficult to pay for college upfront. Student loan entrance counseling is required for all new borrowers. The student loan entrance counseling [...]

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